About Seagull Print

Seagull Print was established in 1991, to provide work placed training in the print industry, for members of the community who have experienced mental health issues. From our premises in Earlsfield we operate a competitive commercial Printing Service, Business Services Bureau and Retail Shop, staffed by a combination of industry experts, volunteers and trainees. Seagull Print is a not for profit social enterprise, a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Any profit generated goes back into the enterprise helping us provide work based rehabilitative training within the confines of a commercial business.

Our training is aimed at adults up to the age of 65 who are sufficiently committed and have the potential to achieve mainstream / semi-sheltered employment with the support of key workers where appropriate. We have a healthy approach to customer service and are interested in potential candidates who are prepared to join us in the quest for complete customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use print to change the lives of people from our community who have been affected by mental illness. Using revenue gained through our printing work, we aim to create a caring professional environment in which we can build our trainees’ confidence and self esteem, while providing them with the expert training needed to progress into paid employment.